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Look for following three Facebook pages of popular running magazines, “Like” them and you will find a lot of information about running in your News Feed subsequently. Some of the articles are actually useful 😉

  • Competitor Running
  • Running Fitness Magazine
  • Runner’s World

Interesting Links

Once you “Like” the above mentioned running magazine Facebook pages, you will get many links for training, nutrition, injury prevention/treatment, etc. The magazines post those links repetitive and you may bookmark those that are of special interest to you anyway. As such I will add here links that I find are especially worthwhile to remember.


Here some books about running or running related topics I got to appreciate. Some I read front to end, some I use as reference material:

1Natural RunningDanny Abshire, Brian MetzlerE-Book: 978-19377-16066
Paperback: 978-19340-30653
Danny Abshire is a co-founder of running shoe manufacturer Newton. He describes the rationale behind natural running, which is not necessarily barefoot running but more about midfoot running. He suggests an 8-week plan turning you into an efficient midfoot runner.
I find the book very inspiring and took away some ideas for my own training.
2You (only faster)Greg McMillan978-1-62030-442-6McMillan was introduced to me via his running pace calculator. He is actually a successful running coach, who now shares his analytic approach to develop a training plan with the public.
Again an inspiring book from one of the big names in the sport.
3Hansons Marathon MethodLuke Humphrey, Keith & Kevin HansonE-Book: 978-19377-16226
Paperback: 978-194040-85-1
The Hansons brothers are the people behind the elite runner producing Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Their unique approach is that their long run never exceeds more than 16mile (around 26km). This is in contrast to the traditional approach of running 30km or more. They base their concept of permanent tiredness of the runner. I am in the process of adopting their training plan for FM. They have another book focusing on HM.
4Born To RunChristopher McDougall978-1-84765-228-7Inspirational book about a tribe living in the Mexican mountains known and famous for their running skills.
My most important thing I took away from this book is that I started to consume Chia seeds just like tribe of Tarahumara. Unfortunately it does not have the impact like on those guys with me 🙁
5Advanced MarathoningPete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas978-0-7360-7560-5This book aims at the experienced FM runner with a weekly mileage of at least 88km. I am using it currently as occassional reference to look up stuff.
6You Are Your Own GymMarc Lauren978-0345528582Also have the iPad app with exercise videos. Tough strength exercises relying on minimal exercise equipment. Chose it, as I don't have time to go to the gym.


Here you can download the Excercise Book released by 2XU Runners Malaysia. It contains exercises used during the 2XU Running Clinics in Malaysia: 2XU Running Clinic – Exercise Book – v1.0 20151022

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