Skyhawk Nature Run Melaka, HM – January 12, 2014

It went well this morning with my first race in 2014, the Skyhawk Nature Run. A Half Marathon in Melaka taking place for the first time. Despite continued little time for training for already 4 weeks I ran the 20.88km in 1h:32min:14sec leading to a pace of 4:25min, finishing fifth overall.

Considering the higher elevation of this HM compared to others I did, this one is one of my second best HM performances so far. Very positive indeed, as that means I am still in decent shape. Hoping that I can soon allocate more time for training again, I still may have a chance to fulfill a lifetime dream March 16, 2014

The race was organized by the Malacca Skyhawk Marathon Club. Overall very well done. Race pack collection very smooth, nice start in the morning, sufficient marshalls and volunteers along the road, separation of a lane for runners on roads was not there but was not really needed for only 600 runners, good police presence patroulling the route on public roads, the 4 water stations were actually sufficient at least for me as the morning was rather cooling, the route itself was nice leading through forests, kampungs and residential areas, the finish was also nicely arranged allowing finishers to gather and talk about the race, complemented with free food and drinks from a number of sponsors (Milo, 100+, Namee, Nestle).

A shortfall of this race is the treatment of Non-Malaysian and Non-ASEAN runners. As such I was not eligible for prizes or trophies. Well, I am not running because I want to top up my salary or anything similar, I run to compete with others and if I manage to run on a good placing, I am proud to have achieved that with a respective token normally symbolized with a trophy or similar. The race today offered this only to Malaysians and citizens from ASEAN countries.

I feel very uncomfortable with that rule, as I am living in this country, trying to make it my home. However it didn’t prevent me from enjoying this run and meeting a number of running friends.

Overall a great event and hope to join it again in the future.

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