Product Review – Running and Sport Sock from Lovely Disabled Home

A few weeks back, the organizer of the “Green Warrior 2.0” run Donny approached me to test running socks from the Lovely Disabled Home (LDH). The event taking place this Sunday, 05-June-2016, is supporting the Lovely Disabled Home with a number of activities, among them also selling these socks for RM15 per pair.

When meeting up, Donny told me more about Lovely Disabled Home (LDH). It is an privately funded institution aiming at integrating disabled people in our society. One of those measures is to give those people a meaningful activity, such as taking part in the production, packing and selling of the aforementioned running socks. I could very well relay on the importance of LDH. Having relatives in my own family that are so called disabled, but fully capable of contributing to our society, once given an appropriate task,

Donny gave me one pair of respective running socks for testing. Check out following photos and my product review …

As you can see from the photos, the socks are very well manufactured. The entire sock is seamless, avoiding potential chaffing of the skin. Toe and heel area are highlighted in grey. The middle section on the plantar side (sole of the feet) is very fine weaved, supporting good proprioception and function of the small nerves (assuming you don’t wear super cushioned shoes that numb all natural sensations your foot can register). The dorsal side of the foot (upper side) is separated by different weaving styles, separating the toes with metatarsals and phalanges from the rest of the foot.

The feeling when wearing them is extremely nice. The feet feel securely and snugly wrapped. The heel and ankle area provide slight support, potentially avoiding twisting your ankle in some situations. The sock has a very good height, ensuring that the edges of your running shoes do not get in touch with your skin and avoid chaffing in that area as well.

The socks had their big moment for my Nike We Run KL 2016 race. They performed extremely well. I was in very good shape for this run and did a consistent pace until the end with a strong finish, managing 11th place in the strong “Men’s over 25” category.

The socks supported me extremely well in this run. Together with my Newton Distance IV shoes I felt like running on clouds. The socks managed moisture extremely well. I sweat a lot plus water I used to cool myself running down my legs into the shoes. Yet no blisters or any other problem.

I am absolutely happy with these socks and they are on par with all those other running socks I know from Nike, 2XU, PUMA or adidas. For RM15 a pair they are, on top of their great performance, an absolute bargain. Socks from the other brands cost you easily 3 to 4 times more.

The socks from Lovely Disabled Home have my full endorsement and I can only recommend them for runners. On event day of “Green Warrior Run 2.0” I will sure stock up a few pairs! I hope you do so too 😀


Find out more about Lovely Disabled Home here:

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