Newton Challenge 2013, 25km – December 29, 2013

Newton Challenge 2013 25km run today. Finished the 24.58km in officially 1h:52min:09sec, which means an average pace of 4min:34sec. Compared to last year I slightly improved by 6sec per km.

The race took place in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong in an area also known as Ammah Hills, the home turf of the famous LYN Runners. The route was indeed hilly but the good thing when running up a hill you also have to come down. As such the run was a mix of climbs and fast downhill runs. Despite not much training the last few weeks the not very steep hills were easy on my legs, meaning I enjoyed the run a lot. Personally good to see that I haven’t lost too much of my fitness so far, investing considerable time for work the last few weeks, leaving very little time for training.

Felt very safe during the run with not many cars on the road at 5:30am. To a large extend cones were placed reserving part of the roads for the race. Beyond that, during the first half of the route strong police presence secured the runners. Water stations were sufficient placed along the route and in my opinion at the right locations, either at the foot or at the top of a hill. It pretty much was perfect for my needs today.

Being ranked 6th in the Men Veteran category I had to wait for the prize giving ceremony. To my relief it took place rather punctual allowing me to drive home to my family not too late. Another positive point, as other events like to drag the prize giving late into the morning, frequently wasting runners time.

I had a very good run this morning. just what I needed to get a feeling where I stand with my fitness after I had to reduce my training by 70% over the last weeks. This race is certainly a highlight and not to be missed in 2014.

This was also the last race in 2013, thus let me wish you a happy new year, which you really deserve having read my write-up until this point

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