Melawati Run, 10km – February 16, 2014

Melawati 10k Run today. Completed the 9.38km in 40min:45sec leading to an average pace of 4min:21sec per km. Elevation was 74m. This result should have given me a place among the top 5 runners in the Men Veteran category.

The result is actually the 2nd worst timing for me in a 10km race ever. Still you find me rather pleased with it. Reason being that I had to reduce my running training to around 20% a week and occassionally even less compared to before, due to various reasons. I still hope that this situation is only of temporary character and that I soon have the freedom again to train more and harder. As such I was worried to have lost even more of my running Mojo but the loss is still within limits that won’t take me forever to catch up with, assuming I can ramp up my training soon.

On top of that I simply enjoyed the run, with a cooling breeze and a very nice route near the National Zoo. The slopes were not steep but still offered a nice workout for the legs. Fantastic as well to pace the entire route with my previously regular running buddy Jarand, we complemented each other well, alternating pacing each other along the route. Couldn’t keep up with his great finishing over the last few meters though

Great as well to have nice chats with running friends Mark, Jeffrey, Stanley and others. Missing those meet ups during races or training sessions, simply hope to be back soon.

The event organization itself was alright. The route was improved compared to last year, when it was even 1km (!) more under mileage. Hope the organizers find a way to really make it 10km next year. Unfortunately the water stations offered only isotonic drinks, therefore I had to survive without refreshing myself by pouring water over me. Insufficient volunteers/marshalls/route signages led to some confusion, which way to go along the route. In actual fact there were no signages, which should be improved next year, I don’t need signs that thell me how far I still have to go but at a minimum arrows that show the way. No water at the finishing area as well for the 10km runners only for family run participants, which I can’t comprehend. Again only isotonic drinks, which is too sweet to drink all the time. The route leads through residential areas and there were no checkpoints, which opens the opportunity to cheat by taking shortcuts if familiar with the area. For a race like that there have to be at least two checkpoints distributing ribbons or better a chip timing system with checkpoints is introduced next time.

Nevertheless, I will join the race again next year if possible, as the route is really fantastic and first of all for the sake of meeting friends and enjoying the atmosphere of a running event.

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